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​Mariah ​believes in creating unique connections with her clients. She works hard to make sure people feel comfortable and that their hair is done right. ​She's one of the best hair stylists and colorists in Seattle, but she doesn't show it in her attitude. She wants her customers to feel comfortable and at home in the space she has created.

​when it comes to color

Mariah is a scientist when it comes to color. If you have bad hair she can fix it. If you have great hair she can make it better. Make the appointment!

​Jamie Tompkins

​I bought this salon for my clients. I really did. I wanted this place to be somewhere people looked forward to coming to and really enjoyed their time with us”

​Mariah Ekness

​What​ Mariah's Clients Say

Love her work! Mariah does blonde highlights for me and the way she blends my (brown-ish) roots and the highlights make it look super natural and even as my hair grows out. Definitely recommend👍

5 of 5 Stars
5 of 5 Stars

Mariah is the BEST! I have been coming to her for years now, and would follow her anywhere... and have.. and I'm so very, very happy she's in Mad Park! She is a blonde magician!!

​Mariah Ekness

​I'm Mariah, and I love doing hair. I've wanted to be a hair dresser since I can remember and I think about how I can improve. 

My clients are the best! I love their crazy, outrageous and unique personalities.

Come in and become a part of my client posse!



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